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Students & Faculty trips

Are you a professor looking to enhance student experience and understanding of their academic field internationally?

Israel Experts is the perfect partner, with years of experience developing these types of programs.

Many professors and students have found that international trips provides fertile soil for    in-depth and interactive studies of a variety of academic disciplines

Join us for a behind the scenes look into the heart of local traditions, cultures and diversity.

Our comprehensive and diversities programs will embark you on a meaningful international journey you will never forget!

Israel’s rich culture, history and innovative spirit make it a fascinating context for a wide variety of themed experiences. We customize trips for professionals, doctors, lawyers, as well as diplomats, radio hosts, and special interest groups of all types. We will connect you to the important people, meaningful places, inspiring movements and creative ideas that are relevant for your group, no matter how specific it may be.

We can combine these trips with other countries in the Middle East or the Gulf for a better understanding of the region.

About our programs:

Our programs offer you an insider’s view of Israel as a vibrant visionary society, harnessing its sources of creative energy in order to change the world for the better. Our programs infuse the plethora of historical, cultural and religious sites with a vibrancy that is born from encounters with the people transforming Israel on a day-to-day basis – be they social entrepreneurs or venture capitalists, agricultural pioneers or industrial innovators, educational revolutionaries or groundbreaking thinkers. We will afford you face-to-face encounters that will have you looking at Israeli society in ways you could not have imagined.

Our programs can be designed for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of the inner workings of Israel’s entrepreneurial spirit from first time visitors to Israel to business executives and MBA students. We collaborate with individuals, organizations, academic institutions, businesses and special interest communities from across the world to create unique Israel travel programs and seminars customized to meet your interests, no matter how specific they may be. Our dedicated and experienced staff will work with you from start to finish developing the ideal experience for your group. Enjoy luxury accommodations, experienced tour educators and professional logistic services as you gain access to the Israel you simply cannot see on your own.



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Israel Experts is much more than an agency that organizes travels to Israel. Israel Experts was founded in 1999. Israel Experts is an educational tourism company that provides outstanding programs with the highest level of service.

We embrace a tolerant and pluralistic educational approach while creating experiences that make an impact and encourage engagement.