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Luxurious, sophisticated & “beyond the obvious”

Do your clients yearn for unique, exciting and life enhancing itineraries for their next adventure in Israel? Whether you are an individual, group or business organization, We will design a tailor-made unparalleled experience: which will include  insider access into sites and activities beyond those offered in the guidebooks, with each day focusing on a specific theme – whether business, art, culture, fashion, culinary or music – and each activity will include a cultural interaction with the unique locals who embody the city’s creative core. Our goal is to expose you to another side of Israel through our network of local insiders who know it best!

Embark on an true insider’s tour, not only of the traditional places: Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, but also of the places that even most of the locals in Israel do not know!

Do your clients seek an ultra-luxury itinerary packed with the finest elements one can find in Israel? We can customize everything: from high-end luxury resorts to private helicopter rides and hot air balloon trips.




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Israel Experts is much more than an agency that organizes travels to Israel. Israel Experts was founded in 1999. Israel Experts is an educational tourism company that provides outstanding programs with the highest level of service.

We embrace a tolerant and pluralistic educational approach while creating experiences that make an impact and encourage engagement.