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Explore the creative soul of Israeli society through the artists, musicians, theatrical producers, actors, filmmakers, chefs and dancers that make Israel the powerhouse of cultural innovation that it is today. Enjoy hands-on workshops, world-renowned performances, state of the art museums and one-on-one encounters with Israel’s leading artists. Experience the land that inspires this creative activity, and take in the colorful mosaic of ethnic influences that make up Israel’s vibrant diversity.



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Israel Experts is much more than an agency that organizes travels to Israel. Israel Experts was founded in 1999. Israel Experts is an educational tourism company that provides outstanding programs with the highest level of service.

We embrace a tolerant and pluralistic educational approach while creating experiences that make an impact and encourage engagement.


Teen eligibility is as follows:

  • Must be entering 10th, 11th, or 12th grades
  • Must not attend an Orthodox day school
  • Must live in the US, or a small amount of teens can live in Canada
  • Must have not previously received a RootOne voucher

The price for this 3-week Israel Tech experience is $4,650, and you have a chance to get refunded $3000 by applying with the RootOne Voucher program!

Grade (Required)