June 13th – Arrival Day. Your significant other will accompany you on the flight, at the hotel, and at the opening GALA event (that’ll take place at a restaurant outside of the hotel). 

June 14th – Semperians only: A full day of activities, from breakfast to dinner.

  • Significant others have the option to explore Lisbon on their own or enjoy a guided tour for part of the day.

June 15th – Semperians along with their significant others will enjoy activities from morning until afternoon.

  • Following the activities, you will have free time with your partners.
  • The dinner event will be for Semperians only.

June 16th – Semperians only: breakfast followed by a full day of company activities and team building.

  • Significant others will join us for a farewell dinner.

June 17th – Departure Day – leaving the hotel together back home.

We’ve been working around the clock to make sure you won’t get bored, fitting in the most compelling experiences to make the most of our time together in Lisbon. Therefore, we expect your participation in all the activities on the itinerary.

Your significant other who travels with you is our guest and is welcome to spend the opening event with us and join us in another exciting activity full day. The rest of the time – they’ll be free to explore Lisbon at their convenience.


Teen eligibility is as follows:

  • Must be entering 10th, 11th, or 12th grades
  • Must not attend an Orthodox day school
  • Must live in the US, or a small amount of teens can live in Canada
  • Must have not previously received a RootOne voucher

The price for this 3-week Israel Tech experience is $4,650, and you have a chance to get refunded $3000 by applying with the RootOne Voucher program!

Grade (Required)