Who we are?

Israel-based Tourism Company established in 1999, with an in-house logistics team made up of highly professional and experienced tour operators

Part of the Bon Tour Group – One of Israel’s largest transportation groups, Israel Experts combines superb educational programming with flawless execution of logistical aspects of the trip.

Israel Experts is an Israel educational tourism company that provides outstanding programs with the highest level of service.

We embrace a tolerant and pluralistic educational approach, while creating experiences that make an impact and encourage engagement.

Israel Experts is much more than a tour operation that organizes travel to Israel. We are an organization that strives to create meaningful experiences that will impact and shape elements of your identity, sprinkled with pleasure and fun.

Our tours are carefully planned by our educators. It is important for us to learn about your needs and goals. Once we know what you want to achieve, our EXPERTS will design a series of encounters and experiences that will immerse you into the heart of the wonderful, magical, yet complex, mosaic of Israel.

Israel’s heritage is our passion.

We know every stone, every road, every corner, every market and the great stories behind each one

We invite you to join us for a journey into the heart and soul of Israel – as well as your own.

We love and know Israel. We want to know you too.

We value your dreams, desires, and passions, and see this as a wonderful opportunity to share and enhance them as you travel through Israel.

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