Traveling to Israel on an organized Synagogue tour can be a wonderful educational experience, as well as an opportunity to reinforce shared values and coalesce as a community.

Let Israel Experts help you create a custom designed program that will not even resemble the standard “if it’s Monday, this must be the Kotel” tour. We will work closely with you to ensure the programmatic, educational, and logistic needs of your congregation and community are met.

At Israel Experts, we encourage dialogue about democracy, peace, pluralism, coexistence, and social justice. As appropriate – and with your approval – we will incorporate these themes into the itinerary. Jews everywhere have a stake in Israel’s ongoing development and should accordingly be brought into the conversation. As proud Israelis, we are eager to introduce your congregants to the areas in which we excel, including advanced technologies, scientific innovation, the arts, and Tikun Olam. Your visit to Israel will provide an understanding of both how Israel came to be what it is today and what it may look like in the future.

We encourage the synagogues to combine touring with intimate encounters with Israelis from a variety of backgrounds, as well as with Palestinians. Our program recommendations are continually updated as we create and discover new options.

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Rabbi Evette LutmanBnai Havura, Denver CO
What an Amazing, amazing trip we had. Our guide . . . was the best Israel guide on the planet earth, possibly the universe! And he totally got us, as a Reconstructionist group.  Presented everything from several perspectives, encouraging the development of critical thinking on our part about some very contentious issues.
Shelby AppleCongregation Beth Israel, Charlottesville, VA
This was an absolutely fabulous trip. We've only heard positive feedback from our participants. Scheduling for 50 diverse, multi-generational participants was no easy feat and you guys did it flawlessly. From our youngest child to our oldest senior, this trip exceeded everyone's expectations. Thank you for making this an amazing experience for our members and families!
Rabbi Sim GlaserTemple Israel, Minneapolis, MN
It really was a terrific trip. Everybody felt quite blessed, inspired, and enlightened by all their experiences.
Rabbi Jodie SiffReconstructionist Synagogue of the North Shore
Thank you all for helping to facilitate our RSNS community experiencing Israel and exploring ourselves in the midst of Jewish community.  It is a tall order to ask all of those goals to be accomplished in an experience for 70 people. I believe that it was.  We forged a partnership that I value and I am grateful for.  What a blessing for me to have such talented and thoughtful and passionate people to work with.  For this, I am thankful.

Sample itinerary

Day 1: Bruchim Haba'im- Welcome to Israel

Arrive afternoon.
To Metzuke Dragot- dinner and Shehechiyanu.
To Kibbutz Ein Gedi Guest house or Masada Youth Hostel.

Overnight: Ein Gedi Guest house or other

Day 2: Shutafim kulam b'tikun olam- Our Shared World

Nachal David or Nachal Arugot hike- Who walked here?
Dead Sea swim including lunch.
Meeting at Dead Sea with Friends of the Earth of the Middle East- learn about collaborative efforts between Israel, Egypt, Jordan and the Palestinians to come up with solutions for shared environmental issues.
Dinner at Kibbutz.
Evening stargazing and hitboddut.
Early to bed (early to rise…).

Overnight: Ein Gedi Guest house or other

Day 3: In the desert you can't remember your name: The desert as backdrop to communal and personal history

This day starts with the Masada Experience. We will explore the historic facts of the site and discuss how we understand the Masada Saga in light of the present.
Sunrise ascent to Masada for those who choose / Cable car up for those who prefer.
Explore Masada.
Kirot Yamit or Rahat Mifgash.
To Kibbutz Tzeelim.

Overnight: Kibbutz Tzeelim or Tel Aviv hotel

Day 4: Things are seldom what they seem- digging deeper

Machon Ayalon or Beit Guvrin.
Beit Shemesh Kibbutz Ironi.
Lunch on your own in Beit Shemesh.
Tale of Two Cities- Hear the dual narrative of Yaffo through the eyes and words of a Jew and a Palestinian.
Dinner on your own in Yaffo.

Overnight: Tel Aviv

Day 5: Tel Aviv- the dream come true

Tel Aviv is Israel’s most cosmopolitan city, yet it is full of history that tells a story. Through these sites you will have a chance to learn about Israel’s vision – past, present and future, and to enjoy the revival of one of Tel Aviv’s oldest neighborhoods.
Palmach Museum, Kikar Rabin or Heichal Haatzmaut (2 out of 3).
Lunch on your own- Carmel market.
Neve Tzedek and Nachalat Binyamin.
Prepare for Shabbat.
Kabbalat Shabbat at the Tel Aviv Port with Beit Tefilah HaYisraeli.
Shabbat dinner at hotel.
Oneg Shabbat (planned by accompanying staff of the synagogue).

Overnight: Tel Aviv

Day 6: Ma Yafe HaYom Shabbat Shalom

Relaxed wake up and breakfast.
Tefilot- Beit Daniel or Bina- and/or lunch and learn with Bina.

Overnight: Kibbutz Guesthouse

Day 7: Grit, Tech and Beauty- HaCarmel

Zichron Yaakov- possible program with Jeremy Benstein (OPTIONAL).
Forester Program in the Carmel Forest- help rebuild the forest.
Druze Lunch- Usefiyah.
Bahai Gardens.
Tour of Templar German Colony.
Dinner on your own Haifa.

Overnight: Kibbutz Guesthouse

Day 8: L'ayle u'layle- Physical and Spiritual Heights

Golan Heights including hike and Har Bental
Rafting and pizza lunch on the Jordan River.
Dinner on your own Tzfat.
Evening drumming program (OPTIONAL).

Overnight: Kibbutz Guesthouse

Day 9: The story of a place is the story of its people

Kinneret Cemetery or Deganya- story of the Halutzim.
Kibbutz Ginosar Adam Bagalil Museum with Muki Tzur.
Lunch on your own Tiberias.
Ein Shemer Ecological Greenhouse and Co-Existence program.
Dinner at Al Derech Burma.

Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 10: Wednesday, Going back in time to understand ourselves

Neot Kedumim Shepherding program including Biblical lunch.
Volunteer- Hazon Yeshaya Food pantry or other.
Givat Hatachmoshet.
Israel Museum.

Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 11: Lo Alecha Hamlachah Ligmor- we've come a long way, there's a long way left to go

Old City including Kotel Tunnels tour.
City of David and Ir Amim program.
Alternative to Ir Amim program for children with youth counselor.
Tayelet- processing of City of David/Ir Amim programs.
Final Dinner – Tziona's or Shvil Izim.
Depart on overnight flight.

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