Are you a professor looking to enhance student experience and understanding of their academic field in Israel?
Maybe you are an Israel Fellow or Hillel professional who recognizes the need for a sophisticated examination of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from up close? How about a campus chaplain interested in organizing an inter-faith journey for students?

Israel Experts is the perfect partner, with years of experience developing these types of programs.

Academic & Experiential Travel

Many professors and students have found that Israel provides fertile soil for in-depth and interactive studies of a variety of academic disciplines. These may include:

  • Law
  • Government & Politics Business
  • Middle Eastern Studies
  • Psychology
  • Archaeology
  • Jewish & Israel Studies
  • Theology
  • Engineering & Aeronautics
  • Health Care & Medicine
  • Agriculture

MTF & Fact Finders Tours

At a time when Israel is at the heart of ongoing controversy, when political stances towards the Jewish State are hard to differentiate from anti-Semitism, and when the language of dialogue is being replaced with boycotts and violence, there is no better time for your students to experience the region for themselves.

We invite Jewish professionals, Israel educators, and academics, along with their students to experience Israel – its beauty, blemishes, accomplishments, challenges, and complexity. Whether they are student leaders forced to take a stand on issues or Jewish students struggling to develop a personal relationship with Israel, this trip challenges assumptions and empowers students with information.

Interfaith Student Trips

Many campuses are looking for ways to bridge differences among students, to seek common territory that enables them to work toward shared goals. Interfaith student trips can provide such an opportunity and set the stage for ongoing, constructive efforts once students return to campus.

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    Alexandra Perna 21SDSU
    am amazed at all the information I have learned from this trip. I am so lucky and honored to have been a part of something so amazing. I think the true success is knowing that I will make a difference in the future and spread the word of the wonderful people of Israel and how Israel Experts gave me insight to the people of Palestine as well.
    Jermaine Blakley 23NYU
    The trip exceeded my expectations! I honestly did not expect to learn so much. The trip solidified to me that the best learning comes from being engulfed in a specific space. Hearing narratives from people is the best way to remember. Actually going to Israel and engaging with people who have their own personal opinion about the political issues is far more rewarding than reading any textbook!
    Wallace W. MeyerJrUniversity of Kansas School of Business
    The trip was hugely successful educationally and greatly broadened the students’ horizons of understanding. Israel Experts contributed directly to this success. Our heartfelt thanks to you for making this possible.
    Alessandra Casey 20SDSU
    Exceeded Expectations because I never thought that I would be meeting with politicians in another country, be in such a holy land, meet people who have personally been affected by war, and be surrounded by such amazing leaders on campus in general. The culture, the people, the religion, and the conflict were more than I had ever imagined. The trip was absolutely amazing.

    Sample itinerary

    Day 1:

    Afternoon Arrival at Ben Gurion Airport.
    Transfer to Hotel / Check-in.
    Dinner at Hotel.
    Opening Session & Expectations.

    Overnight: Tel Aviv

    Day 2:

    Visit to the Sheba Medical Center virtual reality lab and simulation center.
    Gedera Zeraim: Agro-technology, food health & safety.
    Tel Aviv – Israel’s Big Orange: the city that never.

    Overnight: Tel Aviv

    Day 3:

    Tour of Intel’s only 24/7 research & development facility world-wide.
    Visit to hi-tech campus of Israel’s only private university, the Interdisciplinary Center of Herzlia.
    Presentation from the Center for Jewish Arab Economic Development.
    Meeting with James B. Cunningham, American Ambassador to Israel.

    Overnight: Tel Aviv

    Day 4:

    Discussion with Friends of the Earth Middle East (Israeli, Palestinian & Jordanian environmental organization).
    From Tents to Technology: Meeting at Ben Gurion University of the Negev.
    Massada & Dead Sea.

    Overnight: Tel Aviv

    Day 5:

    Meeting with Government Officials.
    Visit to the Israel Aerospace Industries.
    Meetings with students and faculty at the Weizmann Institute of Science.

    Overnight: Tel Aviv

    Day 6:

    Meeting with Peter Bamberger, PhD, associate dean of the Faculty of Industrial Engineering & Management, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, and senior research scholar at the School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University.
    Haifa & Bahai Gardens.
    Visit to Iscar Metalworking Company – recent acquisition of Warren Buffett – at the Tefen Industrial Park.
    Sea of Galilee boat ride.

    Overnight: Sea of Galilee

    Day 7:

    Visit with management of New Generation Technology in Nazareth: incubator of Arab-Jewish cooperation.
    Nazareth Tour.
    Dinner at hotel.

    Overnight: Jerusalem

    Day 8:

    Three Faiths Tour of Jerusalem: View of this special city Holy to Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
    Transfer to airport.

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