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Still singing 40 years later – Kaveret!

It was the summer of 1973 and I was just out of high school and on the eve of being drafted into the Israel Defense Forces. My sister Adele, a little older and playing the role of responsible adult in my life, took me to a Kaveret concert in Jerusalem. Kaveret, the first really successful Israeli Rock and Roll band, played a mix of catchy melodic music mixed in with nonsensical Israeli puns and stories. They were great, and the members of the group all went on to successful musical careers that have lasted for 40 years.

Taglit Birthright Israel – Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow?

ahava sculpture

Jewish leaders and decision makers around the world agree that the success of the Taglit Birthright Israel endeavor is almost impossible to fully contemplate.

The Roads Less Traveled

For me, it’s the excitement of the unknown that makes touring fun. The off-the-beaten-track sites of Israel are what attracted me to educational tourism. Not very different than how I felt as a child wandering through places I shouldn’t have been, I am drawn to the sites that are not often traveled or explored.

The Western Negev is such a place for me. Bordering on the Gaza Strip and the Egyptian Republic, the Western Negev is full of surprises. 

Music, Politics and the Misinformed Rocker

I have lived in Israel pretty much as long as I have been a Pink Floyd devotee. My personal Zionist journey has been to the tune of Atom Heart Mother, Meddle, The Wall, Animals, etc. I probably know more about Pink Floyd discography than I do about the history of Zionism, certainly insofar as dates are concerned. It is for these reasons that I am disturbed at Floyd front man Roger Waters’ recent actions that have put him on the frontline of convincing other musicians to boycott performing in Israel.

Forty Six and Counting…..

Forty six years ago, I was in the seventh grade at a Jewish day school in Philadelphia. One of my clearest memories is of the almost overwhelming excitement over Israel’s stunning and spectacular victory over the Arab countries that were out to destroy the young Jewish state. The covers of Life and Time, the headlines in the Philadelphia Bulletin and Inquirer newspapers, and the nightly prime time CBS Huntley-Brinkley Report all told the story of the almost miraculous victory Israel had won against seemingly overwhelming odds in the 1967 Six Day War.

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